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Two Ways of Buying a Property
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Yes, you can afford to buy
Considering a Move to Another City or Province?
Relocation Info
Our Exclusive Buyers' Guide
Home Ownership
Home Buying - Step by Step
Costs Involved in Buying a Property
How To Avoid Paying Too Much
Home Ownership Assistance Program
What you need to know about Property Inspections
Choosing A Neighbourhood
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Average Useful Life of Building Components
Lead Water Pipes?
How to Keep Your Home’s Purchase Price Secret

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Tarion Warranty Info
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Thinking of Buying a House? Do Your Homework First.
Tips on Buying Your First Home
Exclusive Buyer-Client Guide
Buying a Home: FAQ
     • Are Low-Ball Offers Advisable?
     • Is a Low Offer a Good Idea?
     • What Contingencies Should Be Put In An Offer?
     • Tips on Negotiating
     • Can You Buy Homes Below Market Value?
     • Whose Obligation Is It To Disclose Pertinent Information About A Property?
     • What Happens Once We Sign an Offer?
     • How You Can Be The Winner In A Multiple-Offer Competition?
No down payment?
Should You Use RRSPs to Purchase a New Home?
Writing an Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Buying a New Home

HST New Housing Rebate
The Fine Art of Buying and Building a New Home
Why Buy a New Home
Getting Maximum Value from Your Home Builder


What is a Condominium?
Questions to Ask When Buying a Condo
Common Property or Common Elements
Condominium Contributions (Fees)
Status Certificate for a Condo Purchase
Buying a Condominium From a Developer
Buying a Previously-Owned Condominium
What is a Reserve Fund?
How do I find out about the condo corporation?
How Condominiums Are Run (Voting Rights)
Are Condominiums Risky to Buy?
Are condos a good investment?
Are one-bedroom condominiums a good investment?
How do you choose between condos and single family homes?

Costs of Buying & Home Ownership Expenses

2019 Federal Gov't Incentive for First Time Buyers
The Costs of Buying a Property In a Nutshell
Buyers Can Choose Between a Survey Or Title Insurance
Insuring Title
Real Estate Lawyers
A Summary of Fees Collected By Your Lawyer on a Residential Purchase
Land Transfer Tax
Land Transfer Tax Exemption for First-Time Buyers
Property Taxes
Property Insurance
Mortgage Information
     • Brad Chambers Borrowing Tips
     • Down payment
     • Mortgage Qualifying
     • Mortgage Application and Appraisal Fee
     • Beacon Score F.A.Q.'s
     • Other Sources of Income You Can Use To Qualify For Financing
     • Credit History
     • What Is Mortgage Insurance
     • Payment Plans
     • Some Mortgage Options
     • Choosing Your Mortgage
     • How A Loan Pre-approval Letter Can Help with Your Home Search
     • Calculate How Much Mortgage You're Qualified For
     • Mortgage Life Insurance
     • How to Effectively Repay Your Mortgage?
     • Mortgaging a Home That Requires Renovation
     • Mortgages for Self Employed and Commissioned Sales People


Should You Use RRSPs to Purchase a New Home?
The RRSP Home Buyer's Plan
RRSP Checklist


What To Bring To Your Mortgage Consultant Once You Have Purchased
What Buyers Need To Know About Property Inspections
Property Insurance Checklist
Buyer's After The Sale Checklist
Moving Checklist
What Buyers Need To Know About Their Final Walk Through Appointment
Closing Day Preparations

Recreational & Investment Property

What you need to know before becoming a landlord
Legal Info for Landlords
When Do You Need a Property Manager?
Buying Student Residential Investment Property
Roommate Accord
Information for New Tenants
Buying a Recreational Property or a Second Property
Do You Dream About Owning A Cottage?
Cottage Retirement

Rural Real Estate

Considering a Move to The Country?
Septic Systems
Moving to the Country?

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